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Founded in summer 2011 in both Zurich, Switzerland, and Prague, Czech republic, Touzimsky Kapital group aims to invest in interesting targets on its own or alongside its private clients and to provide strategic advisory services, in most cases related to prospective or existing investments.

Partners in Touzimsky Kapital group:

Irena Valentová

Irena Valentová, managing partner, graduated in Economic Statistics from Prague School of Economics, she also holds MA degree from Faculty of Law at Charles University in Prague, and MBA from US Business School of Prague, Rochester Institute of Technology. Irena’s professional career includes, inter alia, twelve years of private equity experience while working for Bancroft funds.

Jan Veverka

Jan Veverka, partner, graduated in Modern History at the Faculty of Social Science, International Studies Institute of Charles University in Prague. Before founding Touzimsky Kapital group Jan worked for Czech Railways and Citigroup.

Jan Pekař

Jan Pekař, partner, graduated in Finance at the University of Economics in Prague, where he now lectures as part of his doctoral studies. Jan worked among other in management consulting services at Deloitte Advisory. He is a CFA charterholder.

Ondřej Kurečka

Ondřej Kurečka, chief analyst, graduated in Finance at the VŠB – Technical University of Ostrava. Ondřej worked among other as an analyst for AXA investment company.

Josef Kristiňák

Josef Kristiňák, senior technology consultant, graduated in Combat and Special Vehicles at Faculty of Military Technology University of Defence in Brno. He worked for the Ministry of Defence until 2017.

Aleš Zázvorka

Aleš Zázvorka, co-investor, founder and owner of IBG, one of the leading Central European companies in the field of off-grid energy.

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Touzimsky Kapital advisory services reflect both it’s core team’s and external advisors’ professional background and client’s knowledge and experience.  We expect that our advisory services will only bring value to the client if in our relationship the following principles are encouraged:

  • Clearly defined mandate
  • Realistic expectations
  • Sincere communication

Touzimsky Kapital advisory services mostly focus on formulating strategy corresponding to client’s specific situation.  By making balanced use of both internal knowledge and external information sources, we believe to bring strategic advice that shall help you make better strategic decisions. Our professional competence includes, alongside strategic advice also financial management and public relations.

Strategy More

We evaluate investment opportunities on our own or together with our clients – partners.  We are particularly interested in businesses located in the Czech Republic and Slovakia having yearly turnover from 4 to 40 EUR mil., clear business plan focused on growth, and capable management. We are rather opportunistic with regard to industry.

Touzimsky Kapital group is prepared to consider any investment opportunity you may choose to bring to our attention.  However, our intention is to focus on businesses where at least one of the three following characteristics is present:

  • Smaller family or quasi family businesses (SME) providing traditional material services to both individuals and corporations.  Taking a family business to the next level where financial investor is present, is quite a challenge, but, at the same time, we believe there is a certain set of crafts that persist at any time and we are prepared to support this "family" heritage.
  • Media and communication businesses of diverse types.  We are convinced that both evolution and revolutions are based on effective communications among people.  Communication and networking are also part of our advisory approach and therefore we consider ourselves to be in a good position when assessing and managing media and communication businesses.
  • New technologies, innovative approach to different facets of business development.  Life is a constant change and without innovative management and technology breakthroughs there would be no life pretty soon.  We stand to consider opportunities that propose potential of innovative approach to various aspects of business – from customer to marketing to product to technology to management to IT solutions.

Touzimsky Kapital group is prepared to be active and committed investor or co-investor in every sense.  After becoming the owner, we are prepared to participate in the target company management. Together with existing or new management team we are prepared to take part in identification, evaluation and possibly also financing of all promising opportunities to further develop our investments.

Investments More

Touzimsky Kapital associate companies and subsidiaries achieved over 30 bil. CZK turnover in 2018, recording earnings before interest, taxation and depreciation (EBITDA) 500 mil. CZK. Companies within Touzimsky Kapital group employ over 1200 professionals.

Touzimsky Property

Current Portfolio Companies:

Bigboard a naše majetková účast

Big Board Praha a.s. is the largest Czech outdoor advertisement provider.

Pocket Virtuality a naše majetková účast

Pocket Virtuality is start-up focused on development of sopfisticated VR/AR solution. Primarily focusing on client – server apps in engineering and medicine. a naše majetková účast

Start-up is innovative internet flight search service and on-line airticketing agency.

Unigeo a naše majetková účast Unigeo a.s. is the company with more than sixty years of experience, supplier of special geological and geophysical deliveries for construction and environment, also involved in oil and gas drilling.

Past Portfolio Companies: a naše majetková účast

Partial Exit 6/2019

Start-up is innovative internet flight search service and on-line airticketing agency.

SmartSoftware a naše majetková účast

Exit 8/2019

Smart software s.r.o. is the typical Czech company, which is developing their own cash systems as smartPos and Markeeta, but also is focusing on implementation of "smart" information systems and specialized software development.

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